Forest Bath

A half day trip between Vallouise, Ailefroide, Puy-St-Vincent, Fournel Valley, all the way to the Freissinières Valley. The place where the walk will happen will be considered depending on the participant's wishes, the weather, and the season.

For more details about how a forest bath unfolds, visit the page forest therapy.

Programmes for upcoming forest baths

I propose also some thematic forest baths, find out more about them here.

What to bring :

No swimming suit needed in your day pack, but a water bottle could be useful!

Dress warmly, bring an extra layer, and why not a little pocket mattress or pillow to sit on at all times and remain dry and comfortable. A hat or beanie.

Sport shoes, or light hiking shoes.

Optional : a little diary and a pen.

In case of rainy conditions, the forest bath will be taking place. Rain coats, poncho, Gore-Tex clothing, rain boots and umbrellas of all kinds will be then very welcome.

3 hours

For everybody,

from 18 to 100+ years old

30 € / person

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