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Winter Bath

A trip in the woods in the heart of winter, with ski touring skis, or snowshoes.

For those willing to get chills in the silent forest.

For those ones in awe with the pure winter air.

Also suitable for kids.

For more details about how a forest bath unfolds, visit the page forest therapy.

What to bring : 

Bring your own gears depending of the trip: Skis or snowshoes. 

Obviously dress warmly ! Wool layers will keep you warmer and away from moist and cold. 

A tea or coffee thermos. Some snacks.

Where :

The place for the session will depend on the weather conditions, and of the selected gears.. 

Nordic zones of Puy-St-Vincent, Pelvoux-Vallouise, Narreyroux valley, Fournel valley, Freissinières valley. 

2-3 hours

For everybody,

from 18 to 100+

years old

Kids group as well

30 € / person

20 € / kid

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