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Lucas Bessy


Born as a dreamer, raised up in the heart of the Alps, I have a strong interest for the wild places of the world. Thanks to some travels in the Canadian Far North, Patagonian forests, and Central Asian steppes, Nature imposed itself to a point where it became the main, if not, the only focus of these journeys.

I received from some immersions in the wilderness, often lived alone, a very strong energy and the need to share those feelings which Nature offered me.

Every winter, for the last ten years, I share and teach my ski passion while instructing people on the slopes of Puy-Saint-Vincent ski resort.

Sensitive to our connection and the need to cultivate our relationships with Nature, I decided in 2019 to explore this connection to a deeper level through a six month course to eventually become certified by the ANFT as a Forest Therapy Guide.

Besides the outdoors, music has always been a big part of my life, studying piano in my young years, then exploring guitar, and then different sounds from the world. I genuinely love to share my music through different experiences such as meditative concerts and sound baths. My way to play is very intuitive, with my emotions and feelings of the present moment, from my heart to yours.

" There are in the forest some noises

which sound like words."

- Jean Giono

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