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Music in Nature

I offer different sound experiences to live, most of the times in Nature, but those events can also be done on request in private settings and events ( concert hall, bars, yoga studio, spa, wedding ceremony etc...)

I play mostly paino and handpan, around simple and modern pieces. I'm really eager to open a music space/bubble in the heart of Nature, with whom I share the stage and my compositions.
I approach music without many sheets, thus playing my feelings and emotions of the present moment, wishing to weave a connection between my heart and yours.

Sound journeys

Sound journeys are meditative experiences that gently transport participants into a deep state of relaxation, driving away stress to make way for calming of body and mind.

Laying comfortably in a state of half-sleep, you will bathe for an hour in the sound and vibrations of crystal bowls, gongs and many instruments from around the world. All enriched by the sounds of Nature full of surprises.

In the summer, the sound journeys are played in a large tent in the forest, in Puy-Saint-Vincent.

Summer 2024: sessions every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm

Hatha Yoga and sound bath: the 13th and 27th of July, and the 3rd and 17th of August. From 9:30 am to 12:30pm in la Maison Abeil, l'Argentière.



Meditative concerts

Meditative concerts are often played outside. It can either for example be a Handpan concert under the stars during a summer night or a piano concert played nearby a lake or among mountains and forests.

It offers a time to rest, listen, contemplate, or dance.

Events :

-Handpan concert at Les Grands Bains de Monêtier (spa) the 17th and 24th of July, from 8pm.

-Handpan concert under the stars, in Puy Saint Vincent, the 7th of August  at 8pm. 

- Meditative Piano concert outside in Puy Saint Vincent the 24th of August, at 5 pm. 


Meditative concert in Ailefroide, summer 2023


Melodies on the Handpan in winter

A quoi s'attendre : à une possbilité d'évasion et de rêves; à un temps de détente loin du vacarme des hommes et proche de nos échos intérieurs; à du bien-être; à des émotions.

Quoi emporter : un tapis de sol/yoga, une couverture, un coussin. 

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