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Forest Bath for kids

A half day trip in the forest for the young ones, adapted for kids within a small group of maximum 8 children.

For more details about how a forest bath unfolds, visit the page forest therapy.

What to bring : 

A little backpack with a water bottle and snacks.

Warm clothes, a hat and/or a beanie.

Sport shoes.

A little diary or sketch book to write, colour, with some pencils.

Where :

Ailefroide, Pelvoux-Vallouise, Puy-St-Vincent (Pousterle col and Narreyroux valley), Fournel valley,  Freissinières valley.

3 hours

Group per ages:

- 4 to 8 years old,

- 9 to 12 years old, 

20 € / kid

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