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Moon Bath

A night trip, under the moonlight.

For those willing to explore the woods under a different light. For those whising to tame the shadows. For those curious ones who would like to find out what the Moon has to offer them.

What to bring : 

A headlight. Warm clothes, take some extra ones in your backpack. A wooly hat, and perhaps a little blanket easy to pack. A tea thermos. 

Light hiking shoes, sport shoes.

Where :

Ailefroide, Pelvoux-Vallouise, Puy-St-Vincent (Pousterle col and Narreyroux valley), Fournel valley, Freissinières valley.

IMG_8211 (2).JPG

3 hours

For everybody,

from 18 to 100+ 

years old

30 € / person

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