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Thematic Baths

Here is a list of various forest baths with different themes :

- Forest Bath at summer and winter solstice: the proposed invitations from the guide will be tuned with those events.

- Forest Bath for kids: group of kids between 6 to 12 years old.

- Pre-natal Bath : a very gentle walk for pregnant women, who feel like connecting to the Mother Earth, to feminity, before the birth of their child.


- Forest Bath for a team-building . A session to create and develop bounds with a company, and/or build up communication and self confidence skills through a sensory immersion in the forest.  


- Moon Bath,  a session under the full moon.

For more details about how a forest bath unfolds, visit the page forest therapy.

Programmes for upcoming forest baths


3 hours

or day trip

For everyone

For more details contact me

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