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Sound Journeys

Sound journeys are meditative experiences which allow participants to reach a deep level of relaxation, chasing away stress to bring out calmness in the body and mind. I play music without any sheets or any plans. I approach music with my heart, thus through sounds and vibrations I aim to weave a connection between my heart and yours.

Different sound experiences :


- Sound Bath : Laying comfortably down, in a half-sleep state, you will bath during one hour into the sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls, gongs, and other instruments from all around the world.

- Meditative concerts : another way to experience some of my music, either played on handpans or piano. In different places, always in Nature. A time to rest, listen, contemplate, or dance.

Summer 2023 :

- Sound Baths from Tuesdays to Fridays at 6 pm

Events :

-First handpan meditative concert 

Wednesday 16th August from 6:30 pm somewhere in Puy-St-Vincent! Click here for more infos 


-Piano meditative concert in Nature

Wednesday 23rd August, 5pm to 6:30pm somewhere in Ailefroide. For more infos click here

- Meditative concert 2023-24:

 ~ The 4 seasons of Takaya ~

The concept: One concert each season played outside in a unique, pristine and different place in Nature. Often played with my handpans, sometimes joined by other musicians or instruments. For sure some surprises await the participants! 
First concert: ~ Autumn ~

Date to be defined, during fall holidays. 

What to expect : an escape opportunity; dreams; a relaxing time far from the human noises and closer to your inner-self. Well-being. Emotions.


What to bring : your own yoga mat, a blanket, a pillow, and a big smile!

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For everybody

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